Google Chrome for Windows adds antivirus features

Nowadays, websites with malicious codes or malicious extensions are dangerous, threatening the security of the people using any browser. In order to solve these problems and allow us to browse the web safely, Google Chrome has added antivirus features that protect Windows PCs.

One of the reasons why users prefer Google’s browser over the competition is due to the wide range and usefulness of its extensions. However, this also has a downside: there are some extensions that are not highly recommended, such as the 7 extensions mentioned below that you should uninstall right now so as not to compromise your PC’s security.

Google wants to avoid having these issues in its web browser as much as possible, so it has made three changes that will help to protect your PC from malicious extensions and other harmful software that you can find when browsing the web.

The first one is able to detect if an extension modifies Chrome’s settings without the victim’s permission. In case that happens, the browser will display a notification so the user can restore the original settings with a single click. According to Google’s post, this feature has already been used by millions of people to revert unwanted changes.

For the second change, Google has redesigned Chrome Cleanup, making its interface simpler and easier to use. In case you did not know this tool, it shows a notification once it detects that a malicious software is trying to install itself without the user’s permission, providing a quick way to remove the program and go back to the browser’s original settings.

The third change also has to do with Chrome Cleanup, although this one is related to an upgrade of the tool’s technology to identify and remove unwanted software. Thanks to this upgrade, the system is able to detect and remove more programs in order to keep your PC safe.